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Why Christians Who Share My Views On Alcohol Often Drive Me Nuts

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A glass of port wine. Public domain image.

Recent years have seen renewed acceptance of alcohol consumption among evangelicals generally, and among Southern Baptists particularly. Just a few decades ago, teetotalism was the norm in evangelical circles, but now it seems the tide is shifting. If discussions I have had with several of my peers can accurately serve as any indication, the up-and-coming generation of Southern Baptist pastors and leaders will prove with time to diverge significantly from the traditional, recently resolved Southern Baptist position on the issue.

During my seminary career at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, students were required to sign a “Covenant Agreement Form” which outlined several points of requirement for conduct by which enrolled students were expected to abide. This form is still given to incoming students to sign and everyone is required to sign it before they are allowed to enroll for classes. Number six on the list of items is a wholesale prohibition on consumption of alcohol by any student, along with accompanying prohibitions on tobacco and illegal drugs. Every year, Danny Akin, the school’s president, would hold an open forum chapel service where he would field questions submitted by the student body. Every year, one of the questions he answered would be, “Why the prohibition on alcohol?” And every year, it seemed, he reassured us that this year was going to be the last year he would answer the question. Continue reading

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“God Hates Shrimp”: Why One Of The Most Common LGBT Arguments Against Scripture Doesn’t Pass Muster (Updated)

Image courtesy godhatesshrimp.com. Used with permission.

Last week saw the gay marriage debate in America reach a fever-pitch. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that at the center of this controversy was Chick-fil-A, one of the nation’s most popular chicken restaurants, and one with a history of making corporate policy consistent with its founder’s Evangelical views. The LGBT community and those in favor of gay marriage rights have banded together to boycott the company’s “Jesus chicken.” I’ll spare you the details because they are all but unavoidable on the internet and cable news channels and aren’t really my focus, anyway.

My focus is a particular biblical argument that I keep hearing in favor of gay marriage – and as yet, I haven’t seen many, if any, Christians engage it publicly. This is frankly pretty surprising to me. The appeal of the argument to those that use it, ostensibly, is that they are supposedly fighting scriptural fire with scriptural fire. However, the argument isn’t all that good and is fairly easy to refute. Continue reading

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