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Grief, The Gospel, And The God Of Happy Valley (Repost With Update)

Joe Paterno. Public domain image.

UPDATE: The following post was originally posted on my last (now deleted) blog, It was originally posted on November 11th of 2011 in response to facts that had come to light upon the release of the Sandusky grand jury presentment. Since that time, Sandusky has been convicted of 45 criminal counts, Joe Paterno has passed away, his statue has been removed, administrative officials allegedly involved in the cover-up have been fired, and the NCAA has laid down some of the most stringent punitive measures in it’s history against Penn State. Additionally, it has just come to light that there are new investigations being led by the Postal Inspection Service and the U.S. Attorney Office regarding an alleged child-porn distribution ring involving Sandusky and others. Insofar as the post indicates that my wife and I were considering church planting in State College, God’s movement in our lives in the following months led to us to investigate a calling to the city of Philadelphia and we are pursuing the opportunity to plant there at the current time. 

Sadly, many loyal fans still seem angry at the media and those involved in the investigation (i.e. independent investigator Lewis Freeh and others) for the demise of their football program, the tarnished reputation of their beloved coach, and the negative public perception currently plaguing the university. For these reasons and because of the renewed interest in the scandal sure to come about due to newly publicized investigations, I thought it suitable to republish this article. At the root of things, nothing since its writing has really changed. People worship persons. People worship themselves. People worship things around them. They don’t often worship God. Here’s to helping us all do just that: Continue reading

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“God Hates Shrimp”: Why One Of The Most Common LGBT Arguments Against Scripture Doesn’t Pass Muster (Updated)

Image courtesy Used with permission.

Last week saw the gay marriage debate in America reach a fever-pitch. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that at the center of this controversy was Chick-fil-A, one of the nation’s most popular chicken restaurants, and one with a history of making corporate policy consistent with its founder’s Evangelical views. The LGBT community and those in favor of gay marriage rights have banded together to boycott the company’s “Jesus chicken.” I’ll spare you the details because they are all but unavoidable on the internet and cable news channels and aren’t really my focus, anyway.

My focus is a particular biblical argument that I keep hearing in favor of gay marriage – and as yet, I haven’t seen many, if any, Christians engage it publicly. This is frankly pretty surprising to me. The appeal of the argument to those that use it, ostensibly, is that they are supposedly fighting scriptural fire with scriptural fire. However, the argument isn’t all that good and is fairly easy to refute. Continue reading

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