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I’m Carson Rogers. I’m nothing special. Just another dude trying to figure out how to live rightly before my God. I just want to be obedient – this blog helps me do that. Usually I find myself writing about theology, current events, cultural commentary, the gospel, and books, etc. I might temper the serious posts with a splash of tech news, random things that interest me, a tasteful distribution of grammatical and spelling errors, and probably some funny videos from around the web – just to make sure I’m not taking myself too seriously. I mean, it’s somewhat of a given – I have a blog, so I’m already a bit of a narcissist at heart. The way I figure it, a few viral videos of stupid piano-playing cats in pajamas will help to ensure that I develop the type of readership that will keep me humble. No offense.

I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I love the truth. I’m hoping you’ll sense that as you read this blog.

I (would) love to hear from my readers. You’re always welcome to comment on my posts, but, of course, I reserve the right to delete your comment for language, spam, or generalized stupidity. As long as your comments don’t fall into these three categories, post them – particularly if you disagree with my opinions. If you want, feel free to send me a tweet, too.


Coram Deo,

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