This Just Hit Me: I’m not too good at this whole blogging thing (so here are some sermons of mine for you to listen to)

Well it’s been a while again. I know, I know. When this whole blog thing started in its latest iteration, I said that I wanted to make sure that I continually added to it and that this time around things would be different. I would stick with it. And I have – sort of. I’m still here, albeit infrequently. Part of that infrequency is just my nature and bad habits. Working on that. Part of it is being at home alone with my kids during the day, trying to do the housework, and working in the evenings. It doesn’t leave much “me” time – not that I mind terribly, but the endeavor of blogging would be easier without the other demands on my time. Oh well. We’re a year into this thing and I have fewer posts than I had hoped, but probably not much less than I should have expected. I can live with that.

In my last post I told you that my next installment of “This Just Hit Me” would deal with the differences between modesty and humility. Well, I wanted to make good on that before I wrote anything else. Except, to save time and give you guys a little bonus, I’m going to link to a couple of sermons I recently preached. I had the honor and pleasure of preaching at Cornerstone Baptist Church in High Point, NC twice this summer and this idea of contrast between modesty and humility worked its way into the first of these sermons which was on Philippians 2 and godly humility.  That sermon basically says everything that I would have said in the “This Just Hit Me” entry I had planned – and more – so I’m substituting one for the other. You can listen to it here.

And just for sticking with me this long, I’ll throw in the other sermon for free. It deals with the story of Hagar in Genesis 16. You can listen to it here.


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